Savić Winery Topola

Savić Winery is located between the two mountains Venčac and Oplenac. A unique wind rose, an ideal climate with a large number of sunny days allow the grapes to be sweet and juicy. We use the finest ingredients to ensure that each bottle has the perfect balance of aroma, flavor and body. We are committed to preserving our heritage and focus on creating authentic wines characteristic of this region.

Savić Winery is more than a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine. It represents the joys of life and the moments that bring us together. The goal of establishing a winery is the culture of sharing true values with others. We want to share our vineyards, the passion and above all the philosophy behind wine production. We invite you to join us and experience your next favorite wine!

Nikola Biorčević 064 1972 989
Vinarija Savić 069 251 1804